The Christmas Story Art Competition and Exhibition is an initiative of the Catholic Education Offices in Wollongong and Sydney, designed to celebrate and explore children’s creative and artistic ability in illustrating the Christmas story.

This exhibition and competition provides the opportunity for Years 5 and 6 students to share with the wider community a greater awareness of the role of the arts in Religious Education. Children can develop deeper appreciation for their talents and recognise the value of the arts in expressing understandings of the Catholic faith.

This year we are so proud to have two finalists from our Year 5 class. Congratulations to Chelsea and Chloe!

Participating students were supported by Mrs McNeilly, our art teacher, to create their pieces. “It was a really creative year this year. I am so proud of all the students who created a piece!” said Mrs McNeilly. Providing enrichment opportunities such as the Christmas Story Art Competition and Exhibition forms part of the Newman Selective Gifted and Talented Program at St Joseph’s where we foster student strengths across a variety of domains, including the creative arts.

Chelsea used different shades of blue water colour to create her background and sketching and shading in lead pencil for the figures of the angel and Joseph. Chelsea’s artwork depicts the angel visiting Joseph in a dream.

Chloe took her inspiration from Mary, thoughtfully reflecting on the different emotions Mary must have experienced when she found she was pregnant with her baby, Jesus. “When I paint, I feel relaxed”, said Chloe when asked how she feels about bring involved in the project.

The 2021 Christmas Story Art Exhibition and Competition Online Launch will be held on Sunday 5th December at 12:30pm and the Virtual Christmas Story Art Exhibition will be launched on Monday, 6th December.

We are very proud of all entrants this year and wish much luck to Chelsea and Chloe for judging next week.

More to come!